Some of our finest slates come from China, and we’re proud to offer our A1-S1-T1 slates to customers across the UK. But what makes the Chinese Emperor slate so appealing? Let’s take a look.


The Chinese Emperor slate has undergone a series of intensive tests to determine its quality. The Chinese Emperor has been graded A1-S1-T1, meaning they have achieved the highest possible rating.

In our opinion, their greatest strength lies in their consistent thickness. When splitting a rock at the quarry, you’ll find there is often wastage on certain rocks. This is because, as an example,¬†when splitting the rock, you can be left with 4 decent slates and a single rock that can either be split into 2 thinner slates or 1 similar to the others and a 3-4mm much thinner slate which, inevitably, ends up in the bin. Chinese rock splits almost perfectly every time, thus allowing the quarry to get more slate from each rock which, in turn, brings down the cost. This brings us to our next point.


Never mistake an objects price as a reflection of its quality. The Chinese Emperor slate is a high quality slate with a budget price tag. How does that work? Well, as we have a longstanding personal relationship with the quarry, we get the very best rates available which we pass on to our customers. We are the cheapest slate supplier in the UK – that’s a fact!


As you can see in the picture, the Chinese Emperor roof slate is a black/grey traditional looking slate, displaying similar characteristics to that of a Welsh slate. For this reason, when customers call us asking for something close to a Welsh but without the heavy price tag, we always recommend The Chinese Emperor or the Prime.


Similar to above, the Chinese is very similar to the Welsh slate in terms of both colour and texture. As the slate is naturally split, you achieve a great rugged texture along the edges. The surface texture is incredibly smooth which works wonders when it comes to laying the slate – every roofer’s ideal characteristic of slate.



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