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Chinese Emperor Roof Slate

Information on the Emperor Slate

Available in 500×250 (20″x10″), 600×300 (24″x”12) and 500×375/600×450 slate and a half respectively. The Chinese Emperor slates, sourced from inland China, are the preferred choice of those looking to add character to their property. The ‘classic slate’ grey is consistent throughout each slate and has 0 noticeable mineral inclusions. The Chinese Emperor slate is a weathering material.

Sizes Available Slates per m2 Thickness Quality Rating
600x300 13 5-7mm A1-S1-T1
600x450 ---- 5-7mm A1-S1-T1
500x250 21 5-7mm A1-S1-T1
500x375 ---- 5-7mm A1-S1-T1

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