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Slate for Architects

Design, Energy, Environmental, Light Weight, Technology, Waste. Just a few simple words that have impacted the world of construct dramatically over that last few decades.

Incredible advances in new lightweight materials have allowed our nation of fine Architects to design energy efficient homes and workspaces for the future generations. Warm, Cool, Light efficient – the list goes on.

No longer do we build and present droll, uninviting blots on our little island and yet we still understand and respect tradition. We have become progressively more educated and passed on this knowledge, our experiences and errors of the past to build, design and sustain a better future.

So we turn to Slate; formed naturally, used for thousands of years and recognised for various qualities as a long lasting product. However, we at International Slate and our Architect colleges also know this product can present problems based on historic experience. For that reason, Architects, Contractors and Roofers come to International for advice, products and service beyond comparison.

Browse our range of A1-S1-T1 (premium grade) Roofing Slates. For all enquiries, please email us or call +44 (0) 1296 658 396.