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Homeowner Slates

Here at International we realise that DIY, Home Owners and Self Builds are looking to buy Roofing Slates at trade prices. We know that you will have some, or maybe no knowledge, and therefore invite your enquiries, welcome your questions and invite you to save money and source direct.

It really does not matter: a single slate for a sample or a repair, a full new build or that important renovation, we are here to help and supply a quality product at rates that are just unbeatable. Regarding cost – simply tell us what you are building, where you’re building it and we will offer a range of products, samples and service that will allow you to start and finish your project.

It’s that simple, we source the products and you come to where the trade goes. Come to International Slate Supplies and bring your project in under budget!

Browse our range of A1-S1-T1 (premium grade) Roofing Slates. For all enquiries, please email us or call +44 (0) 1296 658 396.