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Spanish Slate

At International Slate Supplies Ltd, we supply quality Spanish slate produced to meet the standards required and determined by our varied climate here in the UK.

Our Slates are carefully sourced from the quarries of northwestern Spain where the regions are known for producing some of the best slates – renowned worldwide as a great source of this raw material.

We have various grades and ratings available and we can offer slates of different sizes and depths giving our customer’s choice and variety.

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A beautiful slate sourced from Northern Spain

The pinnacle of Spanish slate. Truly the best of the best

A high quality slate with minimal inclusions

Cut from a high quality rock – little grading required

Hugely popular. 0 pyrite inclusions

An affordable product for the budget conscious

Quarried exclusively for large scale developments

Unparalleled in quality and cost.


Black/Blue and flat laying. Uniform in thickness. The perfect slate.