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Contractor Slates

As we all know, the demand for concrete roofing products has been in decline for some time now. Our Architects, Developers and Home Builders have realised the potential of Clay Tiles and quality Slates for roofing, the end result presenting desirable homes with an air of quality to the finish.

It is obvious to all that the materials you choose for your roof are the crowning glory, we only have to look to the past from the late sixties onwards to see the difference. Concrete was our great friend and instrumental in meeting the demands for Homes, Offices and Work Places but with a fading appearance that, over time, became ugly in some applications, has been succeeded by natural roofing slate.

Due to a continuing demand we find Roofing Slate is presenting widely as the product of choice. Desirable, durable and quality are just a few words that sum up Roofing Slates available from International Slate Supplies.

Competitively priced, premium quality and impeccable service are the reasons that we have developed to be the leading suppliers of Roofing Slates to Contractors throughout the UK.

Browse our range of A1-S1-T1 (premium grade) Roofing Slates. For all enquiries, please email us or call +44 (0) 1296 658 396.