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Chinese Heritage Roof Slate

Information on the Heritage Slate

Available in 500×250 (20″x10″) and 500×375 (slate and a half). The Chinese Heritage slates, sourced from inland China, are the perfect slate for listed buildings, cottage homes and buildings with a few years behind them. Their rugged – yet consistent – texture and colour is something to be marvelled.

Exceeding the quality of all other Chinese slates and backed by a 75 year guarantee, these non-fading slates are considered as the very highest quality slate, and suitable for all climates including Inland, Coastal and Hostile locations.

For a natural appearance, restoration and traditional new builds, those who appreciate quality roof slates always choose the Heritage Chinese as a slate that tick’s all the boxes.

Available natural colour provides further choice for our customers of Black/Grey or Black/Green and a range of sizes which includes slate and half slates to compliment your project.

As a Heritage item presents a natural variable thickness, on site grading will naturally be required by the Roof Slater.

Sizes Available Slates per m2 Thickness Quality Rating
500x250 21 5-7mm A1-S1-T1
500x375 ---- 5-7mm A1-S1-T1

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